Monument Series

The Desert of Glass

One of mankind's greatest secrets... has been hiding in plain sight for three thousand years.

Half a century ago, an aberration was spotted by one of our earliest satellites, and summarily dismissed as a hardware malfunction. But it was no aberration. And no malfunction. It was an accidental glimpse of something extraordinary, and very old.

Mocked for decades, the man who designed the satellite is now dead. With the system's original data firmly in the hands of former NTSB investigator Joe Rickards and anthropologist Angela Reed.

But the data is only to be shared with one other person besides them: a seventy-five-year-old NASA engineer who was part of the original program.

Joe Rickards is convinced it will lead mankind into darkness.

Angela believes it may be the answer the modern world has been longing for.

And former NASA engineer Leonard Townsend hasn't the slightest idea what he's about to get involved in.

To make matters worse, through a strange bedside confession, a journalist thousands of miles away has just learned that someone else already knows about the satellite's fifty-year-old discovery.

Because they've been secretly using it for years.


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